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Taking Courage: My Journey to Freedom

For anyone who is lacking faith and courage and need to be reminded of God’s power and faithfulness in your life, bestselling author and speaker Enda (Jones) Huddleston offers real practical principles anyone can apply to their life. This life changing book provides Biblical wisdom and encouragement to anyone who desires to take courage and experience victory over their life struggles. 

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In April 2020, during a national pandemic, I started writing again.  I wanted to let the world that God is faithful and because of Him I was able to take courage. My journey has been tough but it’s been so worth it! Having navigated much of my childhood as a fatherless daughter coupled with abuse, I was more than a statistic, I am an OVERCOMER!

My history with self-doubt, anxiety, negative self-talk and limiting thoughts had taken its toll on me.  At times, they were the loudest voices that I heard. As I began to grow in Christ and truly learn my identity in Him, those voices began to fade.

My life’s mission is to empower women to discover their courage and reframe fear as an opportunity for personal growth. By doing this we are able to embrace our God-given identity. As purpose driven women, we must live out those God-size dreams to fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives.

As a certified life, professional and trauma informed coach, I am prepared to encourage and empower you with the necessary tools to help you along your journey.

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